Undergraduate Reading Comprehension

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Research Rigor

I’m a firm believer that project-based learning that results in publishable work can help students learn how to become conscientious information consumers regardless of disciplines or experience levels. By raising the stakes of their coursework products and putting them in the public sphere, students take pride in a job well done.

When I teach theories of human development to prospective teachers, I emphasize the fact that cognition and affect are intrinsically (if not neurologically) linked. Early theorists like Jean Piaget recognized the role of interest in learning and growing new cognitive schema.

Personally, I teach many required gen ed courses that students do not think they are interested in. It is my job to find ways to engage them so they have opportunities to develop new cognitive schema that will make them better researchers and better problem-solvers, both inside and outside of our classrooms. Developing modules of learning that require students to use digital tools and media combined with differentiating lesson plans and project outcomes can help all students grapple successfully with even the most difficult content.

I have several approaches that can be adapted across disciplines and would be happy to custom-design a workshop to meet individuals’ and institutions’ needs.

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